This term in Class Four, we are reading 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty, a story set in Victorian times.  Much of our literacy work is based on the story.  These are some of the poems that the children wrote about Jim, the main character from the story, and his escape from the workhouse.

As the cart went, he was anxious and worried,
Would he make it or not?
Running as fast as he could, all the way to the river,
His heart started to pound.
He ran down the dark street, lit only with little street lamps,
A little hope inside that he was getting closer,
Closer to finding his sisters.
He felt like he was free.



Sprinting through the metal gates,
He had hope.
Hope that he would finally escape.
He was out of the terrible workhouse.
Happily, he took a deep breath of fresh air.
He was back into the crowded streets of London,
With hope of finallyfinding Emily and Lizzie.



The black, iron gates were open.
He slipped through them into the dark streets,
Tip-toeing across the snow-covered cobbles.
The cold, wet mist floated in the air.
He tried to keep warm as he ran,
Running to find his sisters and Rosie.



His pulse rising,
Sweat streaming down him,
He crouched for cover.
Crawling away,
Anticipation flowing through him,
He got up,
Dashing away into the night and beyond.
Revieved and energised

To be free.
Sprinting through the shadows,
Dodging, weaving through streets,
Silent, sneaky and stealthy,
Committed to track down Lizzie and Emily,
Leaving the giant, metal gates behind him.



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