Date: 20th Sep 2017 @ 10:09pm

We have had a great day today, and the weather has been kind - mostly sunny and quite warm. After enjoying our lunches outside the Youth Hostel, we walked up to Jackfield's Tile Museum, where the children were all absolutely absorbed in designing and glazing their own tiles.  These will be put into the kiln here to be fired, and sent on to us back at school, where they will be amazed at the way the glaze colours change colour.  We also had the opportunity to look around the Museum, where the children could see a whole variety of different types of tiles.

Tea back at the Youth Hostel gave them lots more energy to enjoy a play outside in the early evening, and after listening to our class story, they all settled well in their rooms.  Everyone is fine and enjoying being here.

Tomorrow will be our day at Blists Hill - hopefully more pictures tomorrow evening.

Thursday: Blists Hill.
Sadly, the rain moved in today, but didn't affect us too badly, as were able to take shelter in the buildings and shops aound the town. By the late afternoon, the weather cleared and finished the day quite brightly.  The children loved the experience of changing their money into 'Victorian' coinage in the bank, and spent lots of time working out how much things cost in the shops and if they could afford it!  We had no complaints from all the walking they did all day, and they were full of questions.  The staff at the Youth Hostel have been very impressed with their behaviour and manners, and said a big thank you to us for our lovely children.

Tomorrow, we wil be off to Ironbridge itself to look at the magnificent bridge and hopefully do some sketching, before we leave after lunch.

It was a beautiful autumn morning - misty, with the sun breaking through, when we set off for the town of Ironbridge. The children visited the Toll House to learn about the construction of the bridge, then sat in the sunshine to do some quiet sketching.  After a walk round to see the underside of the bridge and a trip up the 110 steps to the church on the hill, we walked beside the river to go and have lunch before returning home on the coach (where a few fell asleep on the journey home!).




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