Class 1 Year 2 Poems

Date: 1st Nov 2015 @ 8:45pm

Poems inspired by Ian Bland during Poetry Week.

                                                                             Animal Alliteration


George Bloomfield

One cheeky cheetah chasing

Two diddy dinosaurs digging

Three hungry hippos hopping

Four lucky lizards loving

Five happy horses hicoughing

Six rough rabbits running 


I Want to Paint


Tabatha Foster- Smith

I want to paint a blue bird flying in the sky

I want to paint a dotty dog that can lie

I want to paint a clever cat that climbs up a tree

I want to paint a ravenous rabbit that can see

I want to paint a wet whale swimming up and down

I want to paint a terrifying tiger leaping round the town


Animal Alliteration


Isobel Hayes

One cute kitten kicking

Two amazing ants acting

Three running racoons reading

Four orange otters ottering

Five daring dolphins diving

Six wet whales whispering

Seven shiny starfish swimming

Eight wiggly worms wiggling

Nine friendly foxes feeding

Ten happy hippos humming


I Want to Paint


Jack Pollard

I want to paint a dotty dog that eats lots of toast

I want to paint a house with zombies and ghosts

I want to paint the big school with lots of children

I want to  paint a colourful cat that can jump high.

I want to paint a manic minion that can make a ball

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