Welcome to our literacy page.  Here you can find out about what we are learning in our lessons and see examples of our work and what we have been up to.  

Modal verbs - do you know what they are and how to use them?  Follow this link for more


The book we are currently focusing on is called 'The Promise' and is written by Nicola Davies.  The story starts of in a drab and deary city that is described, along with it's citizens, as mean, hard and ugly.  The main character is a girl who has to survive by stealing from others.  One night after stealing a bag from an old lady she is made to make a promise.  The girl fulfils this promise and tranforms the city.  

We have done lots of writing about the city and the girl.  We worked as groups to create poems focusing on concrete and abstract nouns.  

Here is an example of a poem.

My City

The people of tiredness that never talk,

the school of misery which is everyone's worse fear,

the bridge of failure that leads to chaos,

the train of apprehension which takes you round and round and doesn't stop,

the lane of memory that takes you to your past.

by Oliver M, Misho, Nicole, Adam and  Bex


We have also been writing about the image of the crowd of people.  Have a look in the files for some examples of the childrens writing.

This half term we are using the book Leon and the Place Between by Graham Baker-Smith Image result for leon and the place between

Monday 16th January - Today we turned our classroom into a circus tent. If you want to see what it looks like, have a look at the images below.

This week we are focusing on noun phrases.  Noun phrases are when we add to the noun to tell the reader more, adapt the meaning and build a clearer picture of the noun.  You can add adjectives, determiners, prepositional phrases and verbs to your noun.

Sunday 5th March - The children have been looking at the character of Abdul Kazam.  Using their inference skills, they have been writing what they believe he is like.  I have attached some examples of this for you to read.

In addition to this, the children were also looking at a writer's toolkit.  We looked at the tools Graham Baker-Smith has used in the story and tried to use these in our writing.  We identified alliteration, patterns of three, powerful verbs, rhythm and onomatopoeia.  Have a look at some of the examples of writing and see if you can spot them.

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